1-The new version of Fortnite will provide you with three Inspired skins that Inspired from Destiny 2

2- With the help of new skins the player runs around as Zavala, Exo Stranger, or Ikora 

3- Here you can see glider designs that depend  and are inspired by Destiny Sparrow designs

4- Both Epic Games and Bungie are also working  on imaginative game maps that depend on Javelin-4 based on Destiny 2

5- As in the Crucible mode of Destiny 2, Control includes a player-versus-player mode.

6-This is the beginning of our end. On February 28, 2023, Destiny 2: Lightfall will be released

7-Using the magic green web, Destiny 2's Strand subclass resembles Spider-Man from science fiction.

8-Destiny 2 received halo-like guns as part of Bungie's 30th anniversary celebrations.

9-Magnum-like sidearms and Battle Rifle-like pulse rifles were included in Destiny 2's 30th anniversary pack, released last year.