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Intro About Talking Tom 2 MOD APK

When the My Talking Tom will be published on the Google Play store in 2013. After that, the publisher of the My Talking Tom collected many of the successes of Outfit 7 and become one of the quite famous smartphone games. The Outfit 7 launched the squeal version of the My Talking Tom 2 game. Keep creative features of the great virtual pet game. The My Talking Tom game is back again with a more entertaining, interesting, and lot of feature-rich-version. Does the user want to adopt a pretty car and imitate a human voice? Let’s explore the game and features of the My Talking Tom. Download this My Talking Tom game by clicking the Download button. Let’s explore the Squeal of the My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK free download in 2022.

My Talking Tom 2 Apk

Tom Is A Foodie Cat – My Talking Tom 2 Game

Tom is a particular cat that the user required their care. In the Squeal of the My Talking Tom 2, the user will be a parent of Tom, care for and help the parent and make Tom Delighted. But how? This is quite easy. Since everyone knows that Tom is a cat, they are required to eat food, and rest is important for cats. You can play with the Cat and be embraced. The first thing is to eat food. At the bottom of the smartphone screen, choose the “Knife and fork” logo for the user, put the Tom Cat in the Kitchen, and sit the Tom on the Table.

My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK

Choose the dishes the user most likes, then drag them and leave them in the mouth of the Tom( so don’t be anxious about the reason Tom’s muzzle is quite vast the Cat can eat anything). The user can equilibrium Tom’s nutrition by proving him a different type of foods like milk, cakes, soda, meat, etc. When the user uses food from the freezer it is available for a period of time, the user has to purchase food from the shop. It is very full of nutrients and food that will help the Tom Cat not to be more starving, but this food is quite costly. For instance, a pastry would price up to 3 carrots.

Keep Your Tom Clean – My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK

After a short period of playing Tom, clock cleanliness will be reduced. That’s when the user is required to bring Tom to the bath by clicking the bathroom logo button. In addition, the user must remember to take Tom Cat to the toilet on a daily basis. If the user does not do that the Cat will feel quite unsatisfactory. The user can bring Tom Cat to the toilet. When the cat enters the washroom, Tom will close the gate and relax. The My Talking Tom sees this by excreting funny noises. If the user wants to open the bathroom door and attempt to smash Tom’s private privacy. Unlike the My Talking Tom MOD APK, in this game, you can see lots of different types of bath soaps that the user can select for TOM. The user can use it as much as the user loves it. You can look at Tom captured in the bubble soap which is quite beautiful.

Booboo – My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK

The major difference between the My Talking Tom 2 is that this Tom game has a great healing feature. This world No 1 is always healthy and ever, sometimes Tom will be unwell and then called booboo. So don’t worry about that! the user just simply presses the button on the medicine cupboard and chooses the various types of medicine for the booboos.

Sleeping Talking Tom 2

There is no guidance for healing, but every booboo can be healed in different ways, so the user can do different observations or experiments. Previously, the user could near close the game, it’s a great time for Tom’s Sleeping. If the user does not do that, occasionally the user wants to play with Tom’s cat. But the user can’t because the reason is that Tom is too weary. And there is no other way for you to wait for him to sleep for some time. To avoid sleeping, the user can purchase a bottle of medicine for a hundred percent health immediately with the help of a diamond. The user helps the Tom Cat go to bed and sleep and turn off the room lights. And TOM will sleep for that time when the health meter of TOM achieves 100 percent.

Playing With Tom

Tom is quite an active eager cat.  You can play with this the whole day without any boring time. Users can hug Tom by swiping and hitting Tom or Tom’s stomach. The quickest way to make Tom feel delighted is by playing lots of minigames in My Talking Tom 2. This is also a very good method to earn efficient coins. There are lots of entertaining minigames that are waiting for the users. Quite classic minigames such as 2048, running games, and many other mini-games.  For a large amount of coins in the My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK, the user can have to play many mini-games, and save time in the long term. The user can download the mod version with Unlimited money from our website. With the help of money and coins, the user can purchase TOM clothes room decoration items and everything that you want for Tom.

Travel With Tom – My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK

You can travel with Tom, Did the user hear you listen erroneously? No, the user did not. After every stage, Tom will obtain an airplane ticket everywhere the user wants. The user can purchase Tom’s dishes, adorn, or clothing there. When the user plays the My Talking Tom 2 mod apk, the best delight for the player is to purchase creative clothes and try them for Tom. Every outfit has various background themes, but the user can merge lots of themes in one set. Would the user love to purchase a king’s clothing or an alien outfit?. Users can also adorn their living room, kitchen washroom, and bedroom with Tom Cat on their way.

Sound and Graphics of My Talking Tom 2

If you talk about the graphics of the My Talking Tom 2 game, there is no major difference as you compared the previous My Talking Tom game version. The graphics of the game are quite sharp and the color of the game is very rightful. My Talking Tom 2 mod apk supports 3D graphics. The Tom Cat is still very pretty and funny, as an entertainer as the real version. A necessary feature of My, Talking Tom 2 Cat is the imitation of the voice of humans. In a loud mood of voice, in The My Talking Tom 2, Tom can repeat your voice each word that you say.


When the user downloads the My Talking Tom 2 mod apk game. Users will own entertaining Cat friends on their Android smartphones. Tom is a great friend of multiple million players around the universe including me and lots of teenagers. If you are a cat lover you must play and download this game on your smartphone. The user can gather lots of money with the help of mini-games. With the help of money, you can unlock lots of outfits and many other things. If you do not play many mini-games. Then you can download the mod version of the My Talking Tom 2 from our APKODS website. Download the latest version of the My Talking Tom 2 from 2023.

Most Frequent Question

What is the mod apk size of the My Talking Tom 2?

The mod file size of the My Talking Tom 2 is 117 MB and the Apk file size of the My Talking Tom 2 is 127 MB which is a very comfortable size for every android device.

What is available in the mod version of the My Talking Tom 2?
In the mod apk version of the My Talking Tom 2, you will get Unlimited money. With the help of this money, you’ll be busy with so many things.
Is the Mod version of the My Talking Tom 2 safe from viruses?
Yes, the mod version of the My Talking Tom 2 is complete viruses free and you can easily download it on your Android device.



  1. Fix Minor Bugs
  2. Latest Feature
  3. Game performance Improvements

You are now ready to download My Talking Tom 2 for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android devices, please use CPU-Z app
  • This is a safe application or game because each download file is testing through antivirus software before being uploaded to the website

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